How to Make the Most of your Reed!

Reeds are made from river cane and, like most organic materials, can be very sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity. We would like to offer a few pointers to ensure that your reeds play well and are long-lasting.

  • All reeds are made to be soaked in WATER before playing. For oboe reeds, soak only the cane portion of the reed. For bassoon, the full reed requires to be soaked. A good rule of thumb is to soak the reed while you are putting your instrument together. A reed can be over-soaked. 2-3 minutes should suffice. Reeds should not be soaked in the mouth or under a water fountain.
  • Reeds should be stored in a well-ventilated reed case. The tubes the reeds are shipped in are made to protect the reed in transit but are not ideal for storage. Reeds should be ale to fully dry after use or bacteria and mold will begin to grow on the blades.
  • Depending on the difference in temperature and humidity between Dallas and your location, the opening of the reed may change. The opening of the reed can drastically affect the pitch and response of a reed. If reed is too closed, soak the reed in warm water. If the reed is too open, you can gently massage the BACK of the reed so that it closes a little. AVOID TOUCHING THE TIP OF THE REED!

Following these basic tips will help you prolong the life of your reeds. Remember that even with meticulous care, your reeds will not last forever!

If your reed has been damaged during shipping, we will happily replace the reed.  You have two business days to inform us that you received a damaged reed or if there was any other problem with your order. Damaged reeds must be returned to Bocal Majority at the address listed on your receipt.  If there is any issue with the reed upon arrival, please email director [at]    bocalmajority  [dot]] com