Intermediate MS Bassoon Reed


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Our intermediate MS bassoon reed is hand crafted by a professional bassoonist. These reeds are slightly darker in tone than the basic reeds but are free blowing and responsive. They are designed with advanced middle school students and high school students in mind.

Medium soft
Free blowing, easy to make a sound, clear and clean tone.

Medium hard
Darker tone, slightly more resistance.

FAQ: How do I decide which intermediate bassoon reed is best for me or my student?

A: It’s really a matter of personal preference. The softness or hardness of a reed mainly affects the tone quality of an instrument. If you’re not sure which you prefer, you can try one of each. The medium soft, which is one of our most popular reeds, is an excellent starting point.

All of our bassoon reeds have been play-tested by a professional bassoonist.

Don’t forget that we offer a wide variety of fun character-style bassoon reeds! Check them out in the drop-down menu. Your reeds should have character(s)!

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