Designer seat straps
Designer seat straps

One-of-a-kind designer seat straps are only available at Bocal Majority! From Harry Potter to Ohio State, each design serves as a great statement piece for your bassoon. Order yours today!

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Bassoon swab
Bassoon swab, silk (Hodge)

Silk bassoon swab by Hodge Products.

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Bocal brush
Bocal brush, Fox

A pliable bocal brush perfect for thoroughly cleaning all of your bocals.

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Bassoon Neck Strap Yoke
BG Bassoon Neck Strap Yoke (B 70)

BG Bassoon Neck Strap Yoke. Distributes weight over neck and shoulders. Fits to the player instantly. Cotton pad on top of neck protects neck and absorbs perspiration. Made of fine European leather. Fast and secure adjustment. Double stitching for double … Read More

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bassoon bocal swab
Bassoon bocal swab, silk (Hodge)

Silk bassoon bocal swab by Hodge Products.

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Bassoon Crutch
Bassoon Crutch Plastic

The bassoon crutch helps enhance the ergonomics and balance of the instrument.

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